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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Here Cums The Summer.....

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Hi boys and girls - its me Anna - the hostess with the mostess lol :) I am in a great mood today---i have the pool at my house open and ready for fun, the weather is great and summer is here so I am horny as ever. I find that after a long cold Canadian winter the best way to warm up in the summer is with a real nice hard cock or two or three or as many as I can get. I have a mission this summer to be even more of a slut than last year and suck and fuck more cock than I can handle. Later this yr close to winter time I will turn 25 ( real age) and I am thinking of celebrating it with a 25 man bukkake. I love when a guy blows his hot load all over my open mouth and face and eyes. Ive done groups of 10 or more guys before at 1 time but never have I had a large number like 25 all at once lined up just for me, so if any guys are wanting to meet me and find out what my mouth feels like wrapped around their cock, then please do contact me back so I can get planning a special 25 man cum fest for my birthday in November( by the way guys-I am a scorpio and from europe so be preparred for a woman who never gets enough). Well all this cock talk is making me hot, I am going to step outside for a little bit and have a swim in my pool and cool off my hot swollen clit and juicy cunt---AnnA---


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